Billie Faiers also text the automated answer service AQA to ask how many kids she'll have

Just days after her sister Sam Faiers announced she’s pregnant, it looks like Billie Faiers is pondering babies herself.

The former TOWIE star posted a cute pic on her Instagram of her daughter Nelly sitting with a friend in a Peppa Pig car, but it looks like she’s thinking of having another playmate for Nelly herself.

She also posted an Insta-snap of a message she sent to the automated question-and-answer service AQA, asking it how many kids she’ll have. The response told her that she’d have another three siblings for Nelly!

‘Brentwood belle Billie will have 4 kids – another gorgeous girl to keep Nelly company and mischievous twin boys. Greg will finally have to start doing his Faiershare of nappy changing!’ read the message.

It seemed like another three kids was a little more than Billie was expecting, as she wrote ‘OMG…twin boys!’ in the caption.

It might not be that far-fetched though – she has spoken in the past of her desire to have another baby with her fiancé Greg Shepherd.

Last month, just after Nelly’s first birthday, Billie told OK! magazine: ‘I’m really looking forward to having another baby… I may feel like I want another one. It’s not out of the question.’

Now, we’re the first ones to tell you that an automated text can’t predict the future, but in Billie’s case, it looks like it might be on the right track!

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