The ex-TOWIE star's preparing to become a mum for the second time

When Sam Faiers became a mother in December 2015, there were a number of people who took issue with her naming her son after partner Paul Knightley.

In fact, ‘Baby Paul Tony Knightley’ was such a hot topic of discussion that Sam was moved to speak out about it, defending her ‘sentimental’ choice and calling the backlash ‘ridiculous’.

And while naming a boy child after the father can be a family tradition, Sam’s sister Billie Faiers has made it clear that she won’t be following in her footsteps…

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In a new chat, the former TOWIE star opens up about how she and fiancé Greg Shepherd are preparing for the arrival of their second child, a little brother for their daughter Nellie – and they were initially expecting a girl!

‘Greg’s so excited because every man would like a boy,’ she told OK! magazine. Greg got quite emotional, but he’s over the moon.

‘Having all sisters and all girl cousins, he’s the only one in his family that could carry on his family name. His dad was really excited, too.’

Billie's fiancé Greg and their daughter Nellie

Billie’s fiancé Greg and their daughter Nellie

Cute! And now that they know they’re having a son, Sam and Greg can start having a proper think about what names to give him. While they’ve still not decided, one thing’s for sure – there’ll be no Baby Greg…

‘We want to see him first but we love traditional names like Edward and George,’ Billie, 26, began.

‘I definitely won’t be naming him ‘baby Greg’ like Sam’s baby Paul. We might make the middle name Gregory, but it won’t be a first name.’

Fair enough!

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Starring on The Mummy Diaries together, Billie has a front-row seat to all the random criticisms that her sister has to face – and though she can mostly take it all on the chin, Billie admits that her younger sis does sometimes get annoyed with comments.

‘People are always going to be judgemental of Samantha. She’s so thick-skinned but gets annoyed with some people being so negative. I just say to her: ‘They’re all talking about the show because they’re interested.’