Mum-to-be fears her body's shutting down at TOWIE party

Nursing her baby bump, seven months pregnant Billie Faiers is counting the days until she meets her daughter.

Like any new mum, she can’t wait to hold her firstborn – but for the TOWIE star it’ll be extra poignant.

In an exclusive interview, Billie, 24, tells Now how she shockingly collapsed and then woke in horror to find her baby wasn’t moving.

Now, just two months after her sister Sam, 23, was diagnosed with incurable Crohn’s disease, Billie‘s having tests on her heart.

But like Sam, she’s determined to get her happy ending.

Billie, what happened on the day you collapsed?

I’d felt fine – that’s the scary thing. I’d gone to Harry Derbidge‘s 20th birthday party at Balans in Soho and I was sat chatting.

Then it hit me. I felt a shudder coming over my whole body.

It was like my body was shutting down – I had no control over any part of me. My ears were ringing.

My head hit the table and I couldn’t move. Then everything went dark.

How long were you out for?

About five minutes. Then I could see, but I couldn’t move. I was lifeless, my bones ached, but in my belly I could feel loads of rapid movement.

I thought: Oh my God, my baby’s in distress.’

What happened next?

Gemma Collins was fanning me with a menu and screaming: ‘Give her some room!’  Then Sam helped me out to the car.

I was sweating so much I had to take my bra off.

Then I started shaking. Sam was wrapping a blanket round me and saying: We need to go to hospital,’ but I couldn’t face A&E.

I just wanted my bed.

Was your fiancé Greg Shepherd with you?

No, he was in Spain with friends, so I was on my own. Sam offered to stay with me and I said no. But the next morning was worse.

When you’re pregnant you know your baby’s routines of movement and every morning she’d wake me up.

But I woke at 6am and couldn’t feel anything. I lay there for five minutes… nothing. I drank cold water… nothing.

That’s when I panicked: What if there’s something wrong with the baby?’

You must have been terrified!

I was hysterical. I rang Sam and screamed: I can’t feel the baby move!’ I lay on the floor, rocking my bump to get her moving.

I was thinking: ‘All of this, all I’ve got to look forward to, what if it’s not going to happen?’ It was terrifying.

Then I was like: Is this because I didn’t go to the hospital?’  

What did you do next?

Sam and Joey [Essex] turned up. They called my mum and aunt. Joey, bless him, was really sweet, but they didn’t know what to do.

He said: ‘Sam, put your ear to her belly and see if you can hear the baby.’

So Sam did!

When did you feel the baby move?

After about 40 minutes. They made me have tea and biscuits to stimulate something.

My aunt had her hand on my belly and suddenly we felt a kick. It was the biggest relief ever.

Only then did I ring Greg and tell him what’d happened – he was more stressed than me. He’s very protective.

Do you know why you collapsed?

I had a scan and blood tests at the hospital. The doctor said it was extreme but can happen.

I’ve been having heart palpitations at night, so it could be connected.

They’re fitting me with a heart-rate monitor for 24 hours this week to check for an irregular heartbeat.

What causes that?

They said I could be pushing myself too far. They’ve told me to slow down and cut my workload.

Have you had more turns or anxiety attacks since?  

On our first day in Dubai [two weeks ago], I thought: Not again, not now.’  

But I was lucky because it passed. I don’t want to feel that again.

Have you and Greg talked about your baby scare?

We decided not to dwell. That’s how I coped with it. But Greg keeps pampering me.

Has it made you more nervous about the birth?

I was scared anyway. I was going to have a hypnobirth, but I’m not sure I could get into that spiritual mindset.

I want to try and do it naturally, without drugs. But I don’t care which way she comes out, I just want it all to be OK.

I can’t wait to hold my baby girl in my arms and know she’s safe. I’ve nicknamed her Peanut because I can’t decide on a name until I see her!

Did your scare bring home the pain other celebs have been through in their pregnacies?

Until you’re pregnant, you never know what that person’s going through.

I know people who’ve had miscarriages and I said to Greg: ‘If that happened to me, I wouldn’t know what to do.’

I feel really lucky.

Every time I feel the baby kick in the morning, it sets my day off.

Especially just after that morning.

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