Katie Price is shocked that anyone should think she's to blame for Kieran Hayler's betrayal


Katie Price was devastated to discover that third husband Kieran Hayler, 27, had been having an affair with her best friend.

Pregnant Katie, who is 36 today, was betrayed by two people she trusted.

‘Just three quick points I have to make,’ she writes in her Now column this week.

‘I must confess that I was incredibly disappointed with three female columnists in the national press. In a nutshell, they made out that what’s happened is my fault and made various barbed comments.

‘Well, girls, regardless of what you think of me, you really shouldn’t be portraying women in such a poor light.

‘If a husband cheats on a wife, it’s the husband’s fault. If that wife happens to be six months pregnant and the husband happens to have an affair with the wife’s best friend, why on earth would you think it’s appropriate to criticise the wife?

‘I cannot imagine doing that.

‘I presume you’d be blaming yourselves if your husbands did the same to you too?

‘Secondly, I’ve also taken a bit of stick because I have children by different men. I won’t be the only one to find this rather woman-hating – how often are men criticised for the same?

‘I haven’t cheated on, or walked out on, any of the fathers of my children. Like many other mums who’ve been left alone, I’ve got on with my life. Maybe they think I should have curled up and given up on life? No chance!’

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