Boy George has only just been announced as a judge on The Voice, but he's allegedly already laying down his dietary demands

Ex Culture Club frontman Boy George has wasted no time in making his backstage demands known on The Voice, according to a source in The Mirror.

After embracing a healthy diet to regulate his weight, Boy George, 54, allegedly has a long list of foods he won’t eat. Top of his hit list are lemons, closely followed by cauliflower, onions, and butternut squash. All of which sound incredibly healthy to us, but what do we know, eh?

Just in case we were all about to round on George and accuse him of being a diva, the source points out that the reason for his strict eating is not a case of being difficult, but rather to make sure he’s on top form for his judging role.

‘He’s so excited about joining¬†The Voice, he wants to be on his best form ever,’ they said. They also claimed that, although the BBC canteen cooks fresh hot meals every day, George will be having his own, specially-cooked versions delivered straight to his dressing room.

His dedication to healthy living isn’t without good reason – in the late Eighties, George was addicted to heroin, and was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession ten years ago. The charges were dropped, but George has been keen to keep out of trouble in recent years. Let’s hope he doesn’t encounter any lemons…

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