Judy Finnigan has a rant about the Hollywood superstar's latest project

Brad Pitt’s new Chanel No 5 advert isn’t a hit with everyone.

Veteran TV presenter and columnist Judy Finnigan hates it.

‘Have you seen that unbelievably cheesy advert for Chanel No 5 featuring Brad Pitt? It’s absolutely, shudderingly horrible,’ says Judy, 64.

Pitt, with long hair and goatee beard stands absolutely still while speaking utter rubbish to the camera.’

Brad, 48, has reportedly been paid $7 million for the endorsement, but with more and more spoofs appearing on the internet, the commercial appears to be backfiring.

‘He ends the ad with yet more cryptic nonsense. “My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No 5. Inevitable”,’ writes Judy in the Daily Express.

‘Oh Brad. You were once a legend. Now you’re a laughing stock.’

Watch Brad Pitt’s Chanel advert…

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