Brad Pitt isn't being a diva - he just wants to make sure other visitors aren't cheered up by his presence!

Last weekend, graffiti artist Banksy unveiled his latest project – a gloomy, twisted take on Disneyland in Weston-Super-Mare. Dismaland is a slightly disturbing theme park featuring a distorted Ariel statue, an overturned Cinderella carriage and plenty of zombie-looking park attendants. At only three quid to get in, making yourself miserable has never been so cheap.

It looks like Dismaland also has a celebrity fan in the form of Brad Pitt. According to reports, he can’t wait to visit – but he’s worried that, as a Hollywood superstar, he’ll ruin the depressing vibe.

His solution? To visit the park early in the morning before it opens to the public, so they won’t have to run the risk of being happy to see him during normal visiting hours.

So, apologies to the residents of Weston-Super-Mare. It looks like Brad Pitt sightings are out of the question. Yes, we know, we wanted a selfie with Brad next to the dead Cinderella as well, but he’s determined to stay incognito.

A source said he isn’t even bringing Angelina Jolie or his children, so he can enjoy the miserable delights of Dismaland in peace.

‘Brad would bring a bit too much glamour to what’s meant to be a thoroughly depressing visit, so Banksy granted him special permission to visit before it opens,’ the source said.

‘Such a high profile celebrity would get mobbed in Weston-super-Mare if he travelled down and queued with the public. He’s not planning to take Angelina and the kids.’

So, if you live in Weston-Super-Mare, take it from us – if you want to meet Brad, it ain’t going to be easy, but he’s reportedly in the town next week.

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