Camera crew for the third Bridget Jones’ movie were at Ed Sheeran’s live show in Dublin

Guys, guys, guys – it’s happening! The new and third Bridget Jones movie is in the making as we speak – huzzah!

Our favourite sassy singleton is back, but this time, not so single. And more exciting one of our favourite singers, Ed Sheeran is aso making an appearance! A source shared with The Sun that cameramen were filming for Bridget Jones’ Baby last month over in Dublin at one of Ed’s gigs.

We bet Bridget loves to have a cheeky glass of Red while singing along to Lego House.

The filming took place at his Croke Park concert last month, and producers shot scenes where Bridget was sitting on a mystery man’s shoulders, while Ed sing his little heart out.

Erm, a mystery man? Whatever happened to the dashing Mark Darcy?! Played be the equally as dashing Colin Firth.

With Renée Zellweger having played our girl Bridget in the past two Bridget Jones films, we can’t wait to see her back on our screens –  big knickers and all.

Although Renée is the on-screen Bridget, she actually wasn’t there at the filming.

‘There was no risk in filming Renée at a busy gig. But they knew the cat would be out of the bag the minute people saw her at the show.’

‘Renée’s body double and the cameraman were in and out of the crowd as quickly as possible.’

Oooh, this is all very secrective!

‘These are the first moment in early filming for the new movie. None of the show’s main talent have been involved yet.’

We love and miss how Bridget always managed to get herself into awkward situations, or somehow always ended up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time – makes us feel better everytime that we do it too.

We cannot wait to have Bridget back in our lives – we’ll no longer be all by ourselves… (all together now)

WOAH! See just how much Renée’s face has changed over the years…

Amy Lo