Shaggy star gets £350,000 to tell his life story


Britain’s Got Talent winner Pudsey the dog has signed a book deal to write his ‘auto-bi-dog-raphy’ which will boost his earnings since May to £1 million.

The dancing pooch scooped £500,000 on BGT, put his paw print on a £150,000 contract to appear in a Christmas panto and will earn £350,000 for his life story.

Pudsey, My Autobidography is due to be published in December. It will record Pudsey’s life so far with owner and dance partner Ashleigh Butler, 17, and is expected to include contributions from BGT boss and huge Pudsey fan Simon Cowell.

‘This book will follow him from puppyhood to Britain’s Got Talent winner and meeting Cowell,’ says a source.

‘It’s a paws-and-all book and will be a fascinating read.’

The dancing canine is now travelling to Hollywood on Simon‘s private jet to appear on the Tonight Show and America’s Got Talent,

Pudsey is one of the hottest tickets around,’ the source tells the Daily Mail. 

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April Foot