Chanda McGovern says the singer must sort herself out before it's too late

Britney Spears’ aunt wants her to leave Hollywood and head home to the sleepy town of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Chanda McGovern, 32 – who was married to the star’s uncle and has stayed very close to her niece – says: ‘Britney has to sort her priorities out and quickly, before it is too late, otherwise she may end up dead.

‘It is heartbreaking to go from knowing Britney as she was as a child to seeing how she is now, with everything falling apart. It is sad.

‘It has all gone horribly wrong for Britney and I am truly terrified about what might happen to her.’

Britney, 25, is currently in Promises rehab centre in Malibu and appears to be making good progress. She was recently photographed playing tennis there in a brunette wig and seemed very upbeat.

‘It would give her the chance to breathe some fresh air and take her time to discover herself again,’ Chandra tells The Daily Star Sunday.

‘She has been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past few years and it has obviously crashed off the rails.’

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