She's mentally unstable and pining for her ex

Britney Spears seemed to have her life under control. All had been going well since she headed off on tour on 3 March under her dad Jamie’s watchful eye – until last week, when her panic attacks returned.

It’s the first sign that Britney is feeling the mental pressure of touring. Insiders tell Now that the major worry is that Britney’s anti-psychosis medication isn’t working.

Her psychologist and mental health team are working overtime to find the right medical balance before she goes completely off the rails. She’s also having more sessions with her therapist.  

The panic attacks, which were under control, have increased to two a week. She’s also paranoid that everyone is out to ‘make a quick buck’ and that people see her as a ‘cash cow’.

Our insider says: ‘Britney’s taken two steps forward and three steps back by going on tour – it could set her recovery back.

‘Sometimes she seems in control, then she’ll turn into a childlike character who begs: “Daddy, I wanna go home and be on my own with my boys [Sean, three, and Jayden, two].”

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