Confused and with increasingly erratic behaviour, she's far from well

Publicly, Britney Spears’ carefully stage-managed appearances have led most of us to believe that the troubled star is her normal self again.

But the star’s increasingly erratic behaviour behind closed doors has many of her inner circle worried that there’ll be a repeat of the breakdown she suffered 18 months ago.

Last week, the star was pictured with her agent and new boyfriend Jason Trawick, walking the streets of LA with brown hair – and an engagement ring on her finger.

The last time she changed her hairstyle was when she shaved her head in February 2007, just before her breakdown. The ring was dismissed as a stunt to help publicise her tour – ticket sales have bombed – but friends are still fearing a return of crazy Britney, including her ex Kevin Federline, 31.

Kevin says that Britney’s speaking gibberish baby talk,’ says our source. ‘He says it reminds him of how she used to be.’

While Kevin’s begun to think of Britney as a ‘wacked-out lunatic’, she can still rely on her assistant and friend Brett Miller, the only person she’s been confiding in and can trust.

Her biggest fear is that new man Jason will find out the truth about her mental state.

Britney still hears voices and, at times, still has intense drink and drug cravings,’ adds our source.

Among the signs that Britney’s state of mind is worse than ever is her bizarre belief that unicorns are real and live in a zoo in New Zealand.

‘She’s been obsessed with unicorns lately – it’s really upset her that they’re fictional,’ says our source.

Britney’s done her best to hide these spells from Jason and it’s hoped that once her tour finishes, her behaviour will calm down.

Currently on tour in Europe, those around her have been making sure that Britney gets the help she needs. ‘Jamie talked to her doctors,’ says our source. ‘And she met with them before heading back to Europe.’

When we spoke to Britney’s representatives, they told us Britney was fine and had ‘a fantastic time on tour here and it all went brilliantly for her’.


Beth Mcloughlin


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