She's finding her comeback tour tough

Britney Spears has successfully launched her Circus tour – starting off in New Orleans – but Now can reveal that the 27-year-old singer had to have a team of relaxation therapists and be medicated before she could go out on stage.

Britney was a wreck,’ says our source. ‘She knew the world would judge her heavily on this performance. She was freaking out about the fact that she’d be miming and praying there’d be no technical glitches. She really had a moment of serious panic.

‘For a while it was feared she might not be able to perform.  It took reassurance from her manager, her dad Jamie, 56, and a relaxation therapist to get her on stage. The fact that she didn’t fill the stadium hasn’t helped. But although she wasn’t totally back to her old form, her fans loved the show.’

Despite the looming worries about her career, one thing that’s no longer weighing on the singer’s mind is her relationship with her ex Kevin Federline, 30.

Our source says: ‘Kevin rang Britney to reassure her after he heard that she was upset about his new girlfriend Victoria Price, but Brit was convinced he was just rubbing her nose in it.

‘She wanted Kevin to know that he can’t affect her any more. He may have been chuckling, but he was left with little doubt that Britney was serious. There was definitely something different and resolute in her voice this time.’

Britney’s panic plan

With some venues for her tour yet to sell out, Britney’s having a career panic and looking to branch out into other areas, including her own clothing range.

‘She got the idea from Kevin launching a children’s clothing line,’ says our source. ‘She already has her own perfumes, so this is the obvious next step. It’s her insurance policy if her music career fails her.’

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