Teenage son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, is looking into a career in film

Unlike Brooklyn Beckham, most 16-year-old boys are spending their summer holidays trying to beat their high score on Xbox, having a kick about in the park with their friends, and trying to not think about the impending doom of picking up their GCSE results.

But then, if you’re the son of one of the world’s most famous – and fabulous – set of parents, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, then you’re not really the average teenager.

Having an internationally renowned fashion designer (and former Spice Girl of course), and football legend as your mum and dad means you’re probably going to be a pretty sporty and stylish young man, and that’s exactly how Brooklyn Beckham is growing up to be.

Having already been the cover star for Rollacoaster magazine twice already, a source has now shared with Sunday People, that 16-year-old Brooklyn’s good looks and Beckham genes could take him further than magazines.

‘He has recently signed to a modeling agency. It appears he has a lot of potential for a career in the industry.’

‘He is incredibly photogenic and has the handsome looks to be considered for some high-profile, big money work.’

Could not-so-baby Beckham be the new Hollywood hunk of the teenies? (What do we even call this era after the noughties?)

‘Now he has been encouraged to look into a Hollywood career which he is very excited about. He is yet to sign with an agent though.’

Can you imagine Brooklyn on the big-screen?! Well, no need to, because we’ve re-imagined some classic films with him as the lead star.

With his 40-year-old dad, David, always training and keeping fit, we could totally see Brooklyn following in his footsteps and staring in something like Rocky – hope he’s not opposed to handling raw meat…

Brooklyn Beckham Rocky

And although he’s only 16, mini Beckham has already proven his quite the suave young man, so jumping into a tux to play 007 in a Bond film should prove to be easy for the teen. And if he likes the thriller-crime side to things, he could give Pulp Fiction a shot too.

It’s not just his clothes though. Brooklyn’s got quite the amazing hairdo, and someone else who’s got a brilliant bob is Ace Ventura, and we think Brooks would be brilliant in a comedy!

Or perhaps he could take after his mum in her Posh Spice days and get involved in a musical a la Singing in the Rain.

Brooklyn Beckham Singing in the Rain

And just for funsies, we’d love to see him in legendary tale, Braveheart, which doesn’t seem too dissimilar the upcoming Guy Ritchie film, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, which Brookie-boy has been hanging out of the set of.

Instagram-ing a pic of him on the set of the film a while back, he captioned it: ‘3 days on the set of King Arthur, had a great time. Thanks @guyritchie.’

Oooh – could we be seeing a cameo? Maybe not from Brooklyn, but from another Beckham, David, who is credited to be appearing in front of the camera for character ‘Blackleg leader’ on the film database IMDB.

Imagine if we get two Beckhams for the price of one! Until that happens though, we’ll settle on watching Bend it like Beckham and Spice World on repeat – popcorn at the ready!

Aw! Look just HOW cute Brooklyn is as a big bro to Harper Beckham!

See just how Brooklyn’s changed over the years…


Amy Lo