Brooklyn Beckham posted a cryptic post saying ‘absence makes me love you more’

Brooklyn Beckham lives quite the life doesn’t he? Jet-setting across the world. Hanging out with celebs. More Instagram followers than you could shake a stick at. Oh, and having Victoria and David Beckham as your parents is pretty darn cool too.

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But even when you’re one of the world’s coolest and most well known teenagers, you still feel the same grieves and troubles as the rest of us normos.

Posting a (we hate to use this word but it is what it is) cryptic quote on his Instagram account that adorably says: ‘Your absence only makes me love you more.’

How. Darn. Cute.

And more importantly – has Brooklyn just broken his black and white Insta steak with that hint of electric blue?! This person he’s talking about must be REALLY important to him. You don’t just change your social media aesthetic for any ol’ person!

So who could 16-year-old Brooklyn be possibly be missing?

Well, it could be the much speculated 16-year-old French star, Sonia Ben Ammar.

The pair have been speculated to be linked together by everyone and their mum – even Margaret down the road thinks they’re an item. And they’ve even been spotted enjoying a mini-break in Paris together earlier this year.

And if it her , we’re not surprised that Brooklyn would be missing her – she’s pretty amazing from the sounds of things!

From starring as an actress in French films to her beautiful singing voice to match her beautiful looks, the French teen is already buddies with a lot of Brooklyn mates, including Gordan Ramsay’s son, Jack. There’s nothing worse that your mates not getting along with your crush – awkward silences? No thanks.

Ooor, Brooklyn could just really like that post and wanted to share it with his followers.

Who knows – he could be a massive neon lighting fanatic! Ehem…

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