Well of course it does, because Carly Rae Jepsen is queen of all songs and queen of choruses

In case you weren’t aware, Carly Rae Jepsen is the best pop star of the century.

So it’s fitting that her breakout hit Call Me Maybe has been named the song with the greatest chorus since the turn of the millennium.

Beating off competition from musical heavy-hitters like Beyonce, Vanessa Carlton, Miley Cyrus, Robyn and N*Sync, Jeppo brought it home with her infectious masterpiece.

Billboard magazine made a definitive list of the 100 best choruses of the past 17 years, and lo, Call Me Maybe got the recognition and praise it’s always deserved. And quite rightly so.

The 2012 hit of the summer is a worthy winner. The ode to fancying the pants off someone and being bold enough to make the first move has been slaying consistently for over five years.

Pedantry fans will already have noted the song was actually released in 2011, but it didn’t hit the big time until months later.

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So basically Shakespeare can shove it, Keats can clear off, because Jeppo is the Queen of words with this one:

“Hey, I just met you/And this is crazy/But here’s my number/So call me maybe”

The song hit number one in 18 countries, and was top ten in 17 others. It’s currently on 950 million plays on Youtube, it’s that huge.

Even Carly admits she got a bit terrified of it.

“I haven’t talked about it in a while, and I realized that my Call Me Maybe hangover’s over!” CRJ told Billboard.

Thank god for that, because it’s a true pop masterpiece that’s aged like the finest of wines.