Even Caroline Flack can’t resist a snack while filming Celebrity Juice

Look, sometimes you just can’t help it and you’ve got to go the whole hog on a packet of crisps. No, we’re not talking about the normal packs that you pick up at your corner shop on your way home. We’re talking about those massive bags that are meant for sharing, but you unashamedly devour all on your own.

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And we’re not the only ones who love to snack on a cheeky crisp of twenty every now and again, as our favourite gal pal Caroline Flack has been caught red-handed chomping down on a big ol’ bag.

At least when we do it, it’s on our sofa, in our sweatpants with no-one there apart from Keith Lemon – and that’s only because we’ve got celebrity Juice on.

But unfortunately for Cazza, she wasn’t watching telly, she was ON it. And her mates snapped away as she just stopped for a little snack.

Posting the short clip on her Instagram, Caroline said: ‘God I love my mates!!! Filming me eating some crisps during Juice last night…. Cheers @showbizliz’

We don’t know who Liz is but thanks for catching this on film and giving us something to LOL about – glad to see even though she presents the biggest show on TV, X Factor presenter Caroline Flack is just like us when it comes to sorting out our hunger pains. You wouldn’t like it when we get hangry (that’s so hungry that you’re angry FYI)

Our fave part though is when ol’ Flackster was scouting out for something like a sailor at sea – for her friends in the audience? For more snacks? Who knows, but from the sounds of her mate’s giggles, she getting a bit of Flack for it!

Don’t worry – we’re sure she shared the packet out with Holly Willoughby.

And that’s reason no. 29379879845 of why we want to be bezzies with Cazza – we’ve made a friendship bracelet and everything!

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