Have Casey Batchelor and Will.I.Am rekindled their romance?

Sorry lads, but it seems Casey Batchelor may no longer be single and ready to mingle!

The 30-year-old model, who starred on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, has been linked to former flame Will.I.Am, 40, after the pair were spotted ‘getting close’ last night at celeb hotspot DSTRKT.

A source inside the club exclusively told us: ‘Will joined Casey and a group of pals in the VIP section around 1am. Despite the club being packed with women all fighting to get close to the rapper, he only had eyes for Casey.

‘As soon as he arrived he sat directly next to her and didn’t move from her side until the place shut. It all seemed very cosy.’

Just friends? Or something more? I Gotta Feeling we might be seeing a lot more of these two together. Hopefully. Mainly because of how cute they’d be as an actual proper couple.

In January 2014 it was revealed the pair had secretly ‘dated for six months’ before Casey entered the CBB house, with a source at the time telling The Sun: ‘Will met Casey in a nightclub and they had a series of intimate dates. They never officially called time on their relationship.’

Hmm! Well maybe the pair are finally about to rekindle what they once started?

Our source also revealed The Voice coach Will and Casey weren’t the only celebrities enjoying a big night out, former X Factor judge Tulisa was also spotted partying at the club with a bunch of pals.

We wonder what The Female Boss thought of this coupling then?

  • Rachel

    I’m not saying it as an insult, sorry if it’s coming off that way. I guess we can’t know for sure what his sexuality is until he confirms it himself or if he finally gets a significant other.

  • john snow

    If he’s not gonna say “he’s gay” Why call him “gay”. it sound like an insult. I know that term and i totally agree(the last point).

  • john snow

    oh! come on!! “He has never had a girlfriend, been married, or had kids and he’s 40 years old.” So What? Give me a break..it doesn’t justify any thing. I know folks who have never had kids, been married or had any family around and are above 50 years. All ‘these’ do not justify: “they are Gay or impotent or rejected by their family or something”. This is their way of life and i respect that. Not every one in the world wants kids or wants to marry. Some people are just private

  • Rachel

    And obviously he’s not gonna say ‘I’m gay!’. Have you ever heard of the term, in the closet. Most celebs choose to stay in the closet because of the bad impact it will have on their career. There are many celebrities that will probably surprise you when they eventually come out.

  • Rachel

    I’m actually bisexual and I’m not saying he’s gay as an insult. I don’t care if he’s gay. He has never had a girlfriend or been married, he has never had kids and he’s 40 years old.

  • john snow

    Rachel! You don’t know shit. when did he say ‘he’s gay”? Don’t judge people based on the way they look or dressed. Some people may surprise you. You’re lesbian and asshole anyway.

  • Rachel

    They have never dated. They have hung out a few times in the last two years but they are just friends. He’s gay anyway.