The glamour girl has struggled with weight bullies in the past but admits she is 'in the best shape of her life'

When Bianca Gascoigne waltzed into a Celebrity Big Brother house wearing a red latex dress there was no hiding her incredible figure.

But in a new interview, the 30-year-old has admitted that she will never be happy with how she looks and, if offered, she would have every plastic surgery procedure available to her, if she could.

That’s pretty extreme, right!?

‘I’d never say no to anything,’ she said. ‘I’d have everything done if I could, especially on my bum. I’ve had Botox and lip fillers, too. After turning 30 I feel like I need to get rid of my lines!’

Bianca has also had two £6,000 boob jobs – going up from 34A to 34C when she was 18 and then up from 34C to 34DD when she was 21. She also has Botox every six months and has done for the last three years.


Bianca said: ‘I am happy with my boobs now and don’t plan to get them done again. My mum Sheryl wasn’t happy when I had them done a second time but I wanted them bigger and I don’t regret it all. I don’t feel I am too young for Botox. I have been having it for the last three years. I see it as a preventative. I don’t ever want to get wrinkles in the first place.’

Sadly, Bianca has suffered from body dysmorphia her whole life, which leads her to believe that she can always do something to look better.

‘I have body dysmorphia so I am never going to be entirely happy with the way that I look,’ she said. ‘It is in my nature to find fault with some aspect of my appearance.

‘But I am in the best shape of my life and I am as happy as I am ever going to be with my weight and body shape.


‘The camera puts 10lbs on you and I knew that I really needed to get in shape for CBB. I have firmed up all over and feel good and will be much more comfortable in a bikini in the CBB house.’

Before joining the Channel 5 show, Bianca lost a whopping 19lbs in just six weeks,  going down from 10st 5lbs to 9st and from a size 12 to a size 8.  She also lost three inches from her waist by working out three to four days a week.

She managed to do this by signing up with the experts from Forza Supplements, Britain’s leading weight loss firm.

They devised a work-out schedule which included swapping two meals a day for Forza’s Shake It Slim – a meal replacement drink containing 22 vitamins and minerals. She also got extra energy prior to gym sessions by taking Forza’s Raspberry K2 supplements.

‘I realised that I needed a total body overhaul which is why I was keen to work with the experts from Forza. I worked really hard in the six weeks before CBB.’

Bianca is an ambassador for Britain’s leading weight loss firm Forza Supplements and she lost 19lbs in six weeks in the run-up to Celebrity Big Brother taking Forza Shake It Slim meal replacement drinks and Raspberry K2 supplements available from and Boots.