Hillary Clinton loses out on the White House... again


In what many are calling the biggest political upset in modern history, problematic businessman and former The Apprentice figurehead Donald Trump has been elected as the President of the United States.

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Here’s how celebrities reacted…

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Katy Perry was a staunch supporter of Clinton throughout her campaign, and has even cited her a personal hero. Understandably, she had a lot to say as Trump took a shocking lead, and expressed a fighting spirit: ‘WE WILL NEVER BE SILENCED. THE REVOLUTION IS COMING. RISE UP. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.’

Lady Gaga has also been a big supporter of the Hillary campaign, stating #ImWithHer on plenty of occasions. Similarly to Katy, she still wants her voice to be heard, regardless of the upsetting result:

‘In a room full of hope, we will be heard. @deray #blacklivesmatter Stand up for kindness, equality, and love. Nothing will stop us.’

Never one to be quiet about her political views, model and TV star Chrissy Teigen responded with humour, reminding the world of when she expressed her hate for Trump back in 2012:


Rihanna posted an illustration showing Trump in bed with the Statue of Liberty – and she doesn’t look too thrilled about it:


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Comedian and Hillary supporter Amy Schumer was very upset, telling those who voted Trump that they are ‘weak’ in a caption of a widely-spread meme:

First of all the interview where I said I would move was in London and was said in jest. Not that anyone needs more than a headline to count something as official news. Anyone saying pack your bags is just as disgusting as anyone who voted for this racist homophobic openly disrespectful woman abuser. Like the rest of us I am grieving today. My heart is in a million pieces. My heart breaks for my niece and my friends who are pregnant bringing children into the world right now. Like everyone else I am horrified that people believed these bumper sticker slogans filled with hate he spewed. People who voted for him you are weak. You are not just misinformed. You didn't even attempt information. You say lock her up and you know something about the word email but what was in the emails? You have no clue. Well I'll tell you if you were able to read this far through the holes in your sheet. They said nothing incriminating. Nothing. She dedicated her entire life to public service and got our children Heath care and education without discrimination. he didn't pay his workers. Started a fake college. Ripped people off. Never paid his taxes and sexually assaulted women and on and on She would have taken care of us. I personally would have had to pay higher taxes. All the celebrities backing her would have. People asked how much I was paid to stand with her. Nothing. None of us were paid a dollar. We would have had to pay a lot more because we are fortunate enough to make a high income. But we all wanted to do it to take care of the people in need. She was fighting to take care of you kicking and screaming babies. Yelling about emails you know nothing about and not liking her clothes or her hair she wanted to protect you even you. Well you've gotten what you asked for and now you can watch the sky open up. Literally. I am furious. I cry for her and for all the smart people I love who know what's right and I cry for you people who fell for shiny hats and reality catch phrases. She would have protected you. Today we grieve tomorrow we begin again. Yes this quote is fake but it doesn't matter

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Singers Cher and Demi Lovato expressed worry for the future generations…

While Eva Longoria feels like an angry, screaming beaver right about now:

This is how I feel right now…..#ImStillWithHer ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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Outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama for President in 2020, perhaps? Celebrity Big Brother star Michelle Visage thinks so:

Non-American celebrities were also quick to express their disagreement – Charli XCX for example, sent out wishes for all to stay safe:

Geordie Shore‘s Scotty T chose to throwback to a more hopeful time, when Barack Obama was re-elected as the President in 2012:

… while First DatesFred Sirieix threw it back even further to the times of Ancient Rome:

Ex on the Beach cast mate Rogan O’Connor got ideas…

Presenter and actress Jameela Jamil thinks the possibilities of what’s to come are ‘terrifying’:


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