We’re super excited for this summer’s Celebrity Big Brother and by the sounds of things, so is Big Brother’s Bit On The Side (BIBOTS) presenter Rylan Clark.

The loveable reality star, who won Big Brother 11 in 2013, has admitted that he is super excited about this year’s show. In fact, he might be a little TOO excited.

Rylan, 26, revealed: ‘I’m so excited my willy is funny!’

Speaking at this year’s CBB press launch, Rylan, who is co-hosting the Channel 5 show with Emma Willis, spoke about the UK vs UK theme, which runs throughout the house.

‘I think if you go back to Big Brother 5, the design of the house actually created conflict. The walls weren’t straight and everything was quite oppressive in there. I personally think this is quite a large house, there’s a lot of distinctive areas in this house so you can get away from things but you can see the easy divide.’

Pointing out the differences in the kitchen, specifically the UK side, Rylan explained: ‘We’ve got Britain there, we’ve got America there. It would surprise me if half of the Americans we’ve got would even step foot in that area.’


So would Rylan rather be in this year’s line-up or the 2013 line-up?

‘F***in hell! The line-up this year, I’m so happy I’m a viewer!’

He added:

‘I remember when Perez was told to me that he was going in – if Perez was in this house I think he’d be scared!’

So, is there a Perez in this house?

‘There’s definitely a couple,’ admitted Rylan.

Uh-oh, we sense drama!

Rylan also revealed: ‘I think it’s safe to say we will see quite a lot of flesh this series. Maybe quite a lot of flesh! There’s always them characters that have no inhibitions and don’t have a problem treating it like their own house.’

Whilst we can only speculate on contestants in the house, Rylan did tell us what stars he would like in the house.

‘Eamonn Holmes would be my dream Brit – you never know, he might be going in! And dream American – f**k it, get Obama in,’ he laughed.

Speaking about contestants who want to leave the house before they’re evicted, Rylan explained:

‘It’s a shame when housemates leave. I hate a walker. We always say, ‘if you walk out of this house you’re stupid’, there’s so much to gain from this show as it was for me.’

So who would Rylan love to have on BIBOTS?

‘I would love to get someone like Jerry Springer on the show! I want Michelle Visage back as well – I think this is her series to come back as a regular!’

Let’s hope Rylan’s dreams come true!

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch, 9pm Thursday on Channel 5


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