WAG to tackle super-skinny obssession

Coleen McLoughlin will use her new TV show to wage war on the fashion world’s obssession with Size Zero.

In one epsiode of Real Women, Coleen will pitch size 16 women against waif-like models from agencies like Storm and Elite to win a contract with lingerie firm Ultimo.

‘Coleen is on a mission to challenge the image-obssessed society we live in and put real women in to high profile advertising and modelling jobs,’ one source tells the Daily Mirror.

‘She’s been inpspired by the Dove ads and thinks it’s time to turn the tables on Size Zero culture. With her profile there is no one better to do it.’

The ITV show, out next year, will see Coleen, 21, receive a new brief from an ad agency or brand each week.

A fashion producer and a booker will then help her search for real women to do the job.