Liza Minnelli's ex reveals all...

No one knew quite what to think when David Gest told his fellow I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here! contestants last year that he had a maid called Vaginica Ceaman.

But the bizarre star has finally proved that she really does exist in his ‘warts and all’ fly-on-the-wall series The David Gest Show, which started on Sunday.

David, 53 – who admits that he’s always hired maids to clean up after him and doesn’t even know how to make toast – says he thought his current housekeeper was joking when she told him her name. But Vaginica wasn’t amused.

‘She said: “I don’t find it very funny,”’ he recalls. ‘So I asked her how she got that name. She said: “My mommy, she loved her own body part so much. She loved the smell, the feel, the beauty of it. She always said that if she had a girl who was as lovely as her body part, she’d name her Vaginica.”’

And it gets worse. Vaginica went on to marry a Harry Ceaman and now has two daughters – Beulah Belle and Clitina – named after grandparents Clive and Tina.

Tim Ewbank

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