Actor will stick with sci-fi drama

Actor David Tennant has reportedly signed up for the fourth series of Doctor Who.

The actor, 35, had sparked rumours that the third run of the hit show would be his last by commenting that he’d made a decision about when he’d leave.

But according to insiders, David will film the full 13 episodes of the fourth series.

‘To be honest, David was never going anywhere,’ a source told the Daily Mirror. ‘He loves to create an air of mystery about his role in Doctor Who, and when he might leave, so he’s happy for people to speculate about his departure.

‘But the truth is he’s finished filming the third series and he’s signed a contract to appear in the whole of the next series. It’s brilliant for the show and the fans.’

A BBC spokeswoman refused to confirm the decision and added, ‘It’s too soon to talk about the fourth series yet.’

If David does quit, there are plenty of celebs waiting to jump into the role. Little Britain star Matt Lucas is said to be desperate to play the Doctor.

‘Matt would love to be in Doctor Who,’ his partner Kevin McGee told The Sun. ‘I can see him playing the part.’