Hollyoaks star admits she's easily pleased

You’d have thought that starring in a hit soap would have given Gemma Atkinson a taste for the high life.

But it seems that the actress, 22, isn’t too fussed about dining out at swanky restaurants or knocking back expensive champagne.

When Now’s Justine Harkness caught up with Gemma she told her that she enjoys an odd vodka lime and soda – and not just any vodka.

‘My friend works at Bargain Booze so we get the cheap Kirov stuff – it’s like £9 for a litre,’ she says. ‘It’s not very posh, I know, but when you’ve got the lime and soda in there you can’t tell the difference.’

And she’s no different when it comes to her grub. ‘I’m typical boring English with my food – chippies, teas, things like that,’ she says. ‘Harry Ramsden’s is my favourite place to eat – great fish and chips.’

Ahh Gemma, you’re a girl after our own heart.

Find out more about Gemma’s passions in this week’s issue of Now.