Ex-glamour model slams newspaper reports

Heather Mills McCartney says that newspapers write a lot of rubbish about her and then have to retract their claims.

‘I sue them, I generally win, then they write a two-line apology,’ she explains. ‘I’m not a publicity seeker… I haven’t gone round promoting things to finance my own pockets.

‘If people want to know the truth, they can go onto my website.’

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, who is about to star in the US version of Strictly Come Dancing, was interviewed on BBC News 24.

‘There’s a huge agenda behind trying to destroy me and knock me down…’ she says, ‘but I’ll never lower myself to that level to even get involved and comment on it. I have a daughter to protect.’

Heather, 39, insists – despite lurid reports – that her divorce negotiations are amicable.

‘I’ve never ever spoken badly about my husband… I never will. He’s the father of my child.’