Mrs Ashton Kutcher is said to be expecting...


Ashton Kutcher is busy promoting his new show The Real Wedding Crashers in the US but reporters have been told he doesn’t want any ‘personal questions’.

That would include asking the 29-year-old if wife Demi Moore is expecting as rumours are flying around that she’s ‘hiding a pregnancy’.

Demi’s rep says, ‘If or when Demi is pregnant, she and her husband will decide if that extremely private information should be made public.’

Demi made Ashton her third husband in 2005. Husband No 2 was Bruce Willis, dad to her three girls – Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Belle.

There have been reports that Demi miscarried recently but one source close to the star insists that Demi is still expecting.

‘She is pregnant and she’s fairly well along,’ the source tells The Scoop. ‘She’s registered for baby stuff at Petit Tresor.’