Take That star chooses clean living

He may have had a bit of a reputation in his youth, but Take That star Jason Orange says his wild ways are all in the past.

The 36-year-old singer, who’s currently enjoying massive success thanks to the band’s comeback, now prefers staying in with a book than going out and partying.

‘Jason used to be the stud of the group but he’s totally changed,’ bandmate Howard Donald told The Sun.

‘Maybe it’s getting older or maybe it’s because he’s given up the booze. He’s given up the ladies – and he’s single. The drive from the old days seems to have died down.’

And Mark Owen also reckons Jason is a bit of a wuss. ‘When we’re on tour now he’s in his hotel room with the Do Not Disturb sign out,’ he says.

‘He was the wild one. But when we tackle him he’s like: “I was just reading and went to bed early.”‘

Nevermind Jason. Best to leave the hellraising to Gary.