Girls Aloud singer and Desperate Housewives star are loved up

When Jesse Metcalfe first spotted Nadine Coyle in Sydney last March, he was instantly smitten.

‘I could tell straightaway that she wasn’t the type to fall for any cheesy chat-up lines,’ says Jesse, 28. ‘I tried to play it cool. I believe in lust at first sight and that was the case with Nadine. I don’t know if I believe in love at first sight. I don’t think so.’

But Jesse nearly blew it by losing Nadine’s phone number. ‘I was frantic, thinking: “I’ve got to contact this girl before she leaves,”’ he says. ‘I finally tracked her down to her hotel.’

The couple split in November but quickly reconciled – with Nadine, 21, leaping into Jesse’s arms at LA airport a few weeks later .

‘He’s great,’ says Nadine. ‘I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I’ve told him I love him loads of times and he’s said it to me, too.’

Nadine and Jesse are looking at houses in LA and Nadine says that eventually she wants to have children and buy a home with him near her family in Derry, too.

‘When the time’s right I definitely want to go home,’ she says. ‘Jesse has his movie commitments in Hollywood, so it’d have to be some time in the future.’

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