Mark Croft has swapped his old banger for a Porsche

Taxi driver Mark Croft surely can’t believe his luck. Not only has he bagged celebrity wife Kerry Katona, but he’s got access to all her cash, too.

It’s a far cry from his world before he met Kerry, 26, when he earned a crust as a cabbie and nightclub bouncer. But Kerry’s friends and family aren’t so thrilled about his good fortune.

They say he’s taken advantage of the troubled star and is after only one thing: her money.

No one could argue that Mark, 35, hasn’t done well out of the mum of three, who he married on Valentine’s day.

Gone are his hooded tops and dodgy shell suits, replaced by smart designer togs. And he’s swapped his knackered old banger for a pair of top-of-the-range cars: a Porsche and a BMW.

Kerry’s mum Sue tells Now: ‘I wasn’t happy when they got engaged because I knew him from the past and a leopard doesn’t change its spots. When I see them two now, it makes me pissed off. I get really angry.’

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