Ex-Eastender says she'll never do it

Michelle Ryan estimates that she’s shut the door on a cool million to appear in a host of reality TV shows.

But the 22-year-old actress is sticking to her acting guns – and has no intention of changing her mind.

‘I’ve turned down so many offers for reality TV shows, I could have made a small fortune by now if I had done them,’ she tells Sunday magazine.

‘If you want to do that, then I say go for it because it can set you up for life. But it’s not about having money in the bank for me. I just want to do good work and move on from EastEnders.

‘I’m doing what’s right for me and sticking with the acting.’

Well, looks like it’s paid off – Mich has landed her biggest break yet, the role of Jamie Sommers in an American remake of 70s hit The Bionic Woman. Not something any of us could’ve imagined Zoe Slater doing. Fair play.