Singer admit she was a nervous wreck with Sienna Miller's ex

When Norah Jones made the film My Blueberry Nights with co-star Jude Law, she was far from relaxed.

Even though the singer has sold 32 million CDs, her acting debut was petrifying.

‘I was completely frozen with fear the first morning on set,’ she reveals. ‘I had to do a scene with Jude and I was shaking all over.

‘Every time I tried to speak, my voice came out in this ridiculous high pitch.’

Luckily she soon calmed down and was very impressed by Jude’s calmness.

‘I learned a lot from working with him,’ Norah, 27, tells Live magazine, ‘especially the way he deals with all the attention.

‘Every day there’s be paparazzi following him from the trailer to the set, but he lives his life as though none of that exists.

‘He showed me that you can stay normal despite all the madness around you.’

Anna Taylor