Rapper says he smells nicer than best mate David

P Diddy and David Beckham may pretend to be the best of friends, but there’s no hiding the fact they share a certain amount of professional rivalry.

Especially when it comes to their rival aftershaves.

Diddy claims his scent, called Unforgiveable, knocks the socks off Becks’ Intimately.

And while he’s keen for the former England captain to teach him about the beautiful game, he knows he’s ahead of him when it comes to the right scent.

‘It would be silly if I didn’t make the most of having friends who are great footballers,’ Diddy told The Sun. ‘I’ve never even been to a soccer match in England but I want to learn a few skills.

‘There’s not much he can teach me about men’s fragrance though – mine smells better.’

The rapper, whose UK tour was cancelled at the last minute because stage partner Snoop Dogg was refused a visa, made the most of his trip to England by having dinner with Posh and Becks.

The group dined out at swanky London restaurant Automat although Victoria, who was suffering from a headache, was forced to lay off the champagne.

‘I had a nice dinner with Victoria and David – we’re good friends,’ P Diddy said. ‘He was hoping to come to the show in London so obviously everyone was very disappointed how it all turned out.’

Fortunately there will be plenty of opportunities for them to hook up when the Beckhams move to LA in the summer, especially if Diddy, 37, really wants to brush up on his football skills.