Actress was wasted on set

Patsy Palmer has admitted being on drugs while filming EastEnders.

The actress, now 34, has revealed all about her time in the spotlight in a new book called All Of Me, which is out on 5 April.

And in it, Patsy, who played firecracker Bianca in the soap, admits to partying so hard that she’d struggle to make it into work the next day.

‘Often I arrived at work after partying and being off my head on drugs all night,’ she writes. ‘Sometimes I was still high on ecstasy. I don’t think anyone realised. They thought my exuberant moods were natural.

‘I was taking huge amounts of ecstasy, vomiting all over dancefloors and then taking more drugs. Then I’d shower and change before appearing on set.

‘At lunch I’d grab a Mars bar and Coke and have a sleep in my dressing room.’