Boy band want nothing to do with tribute show

Take That say they have nothing to do with the musical that’s being made about them.

And the boy band reportedly even tried to stop the tribute show, which is called Never Forget, going ahead.

Originally the lads had given their backing to the idea when it was still in its early stages. But following the success of their comeback tour and new album, they changed their minds.

Despite their lack of interest, producers still pushed on with the production and on Tuesday tickets for the musical went on sale.

‘The announcement was as much as a shock to some of the production team as it was to Take That,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘The band didn’t want it going ahead like this and tried to stop it.’

There’s no questioning the lads’ take on the turn of events. Writing on their website they say: ‘The band wish their fans and the general public to know this production is absolutely and 100 per cent nothing to do with Take That.’

Don’t worry boys. We’d much rather see you in concert than a glorified tribute act.