The TV presenter explores what the condition really means

Four million British men and women are addicted to sex – according to Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Now TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson presents a fascinating documentary about the subject because she says she is ‘genuinely interested and fascinated by people’s sexual behaviour – including my own…’

Ulrika, 30, has been married and divorced twice, dated boyfriends who mistreated her and had affairs with men – most notoriously ex-England manager Sven Goran Eriksson – who were already in relationships. Yet she continued to sleep with them.

The former weather girl says she hasn’t ‘for a second considered’ the idea that she might be a sex addict herself but she meets with experts in America to learn more about the condition.

In a powerful personal journey, she discovers that sex addiction is not just about needing sex every minute of the day – this intimacy disorder is far more complex and subtle.

Channel 4 Tuesday 20 March 9.00pm