OMG! You’ll never believe how your fave stars measure up

Who’d have thought that these celebs would have such surprising statistics?

Here at Now we were gobsmacked to discover that Coleen McLoughlin actually has slimmer hips than waif-like Kate Moss, Danielle Lloyd has chunkier thighs than Jade Goody and curvy J-Lo has the same waist measurement as athletic Cameron Diaz.

Crazy, eh?

Kate Moss
Boobs: 32A
Waist: 24in
Hips: 35½in
Thighs: 18in

Coleen Mcloughlin
Boobs: 32B
Waist: 26in
Hips: 33in
Thighs: 23in

Victoria Beckham
Boobs: 32D
Waist: 23in
Hips: 29in
Thighs: 18in

Danielle Lloyd
Boobs: 34DD
Waist: 28in
Hips: 37in
Thighs: 24in

Jade Goody
Boobs: 38DD
Waist: 32in
Hips: 40in
Thighs: 22in

Jennifer Lopez
Boobs: 36C
Waist: 26in
Hips: 39in
Thighs: 23in

Cameron Diaz
Boobs: 32A
Waist: 26in
Hips: 35in
Thighs: 22in

Britney Spears
Boobs: 34in
Waist: 29in
Hips: 35in
Thighs: 28in

See the full story – and more amazing celeb statistics – in Now magazine – out now!