Fighting words from fiery birds

Geordie Shore hasn’t had the best of times recently. With key cast members dropping out, a lukewarm reaction to new recruits and leaked scripts causing some fans to call the show fake, the MTV hit is going through a clear rough patch.

And if there’s anyone who should know about how the show really is, it’s someone who’s been there and done it themselves. Step forward, then, Chantelle Connelly, who has completely trashed the show online with the help of fellow reality star Jemma Lucy – claiming that Geordies aren’t all they seem to be…

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Ex On The Beach cast member Jemma has had an infamously contentious relationship with the folks of the Newcastle-based romp, having expressed some very uncensored views on the likes of Charlotte Crosby and Nathan Henry in recent weeks.

And upon seeing the episode in which Chantelle leaves the show for good, after less than a year with the cast, Jemma reached out on Wednesday morning (23rd November) to offer some encouraging words:

‘Sad seeing @ChantelleGShore leave the GShore house but I’d do the same if I was back stabbed like that! Liberty’

Clearly grateful for the support, Chantelle sent back a sassy response, claiming that the close bonds in between the cast aren’t as sweet as they seem…

‘Bunch of 2 faced snakes! Don’t even think any of them like each other but call themselves family’, the 26-year-old wrote, capped off with three nail-paint emojis – an essential component in throwing shade.

chantelle-connelly-clapback-1Jemma, 28, then complimented Chantelle by saying that she never fitted in with the rest of the cast because she was ‘too real’ – to which Chantelle threw added: ‘and couldn’t s*ck the D for fun or sh*t and piss meself’… yikes!

chantelle-connelly-clapback-2Charlotte Crosby shocked GIF

It was first announced that Chantelle had left in June, when she flew back from filming in Kavos early. In a recent chat, she revealed that along with missing her (now ex) boyfriend Tommy Sayers, her decision to quite was motivated by all the ‘snakes’ in the house.

And it’s clear she’s not feeling too much better about the situation – or the folks involved. We wonder if this’ll be the beginning of yet another Geordie Shore vs The World battle extraordinaire?