Alex Reid's ex regrets her boob job

Chantelle Houghton is no longer a fan of cosmetic surgery.

The reality star had breast implants 8 years ago but now thinks she was too young to be going under the knife and wouldn’t do it again.

‘No [I won’t have any other surgery], I don’t agree with it,’ says Chantelle, 30.

‘I had my boobs done when I was 22 and I just think your body’s not formed properly by then.

‘I’m totally for corrective surgery for medical reasons but I just don’t agree with cosmetic surgery.’

Chantelle admits she’s altered her views since having daughter Dolly with ex-fiancé Alex Reid in June 2012.

‘Now I’ve got Dolly, everything’s changed,’ the mum-of-one says.

‘I don’t want to be going for ops all the time. I think you should only go under the knife if it’s absolutely necessary for a medical reason.’

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