Reality stars Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid's little girl is still nameless

Chantelle Houghton has hit out at former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Darryn Lyons after an article on his gossip site said that she ‘can’t be bothered’ to give her baby daughter a name.

The report accused the reality star and her fiancé Alex Reid, 36, of having ‘better things to do’.

Darryn Lyons Mr Paparazzi website made a personal attack on me and my daughter saying that I “can’t be bothered to name the sprog”,’ says Chantelle, 28.

‘He tried to apologise by sending flowers a few days later. Thanks, Darryn, but next time please don’t send lilies as I’m allergic to them!’

Chantelle gave birth to her and Alex‘s first child over a month ago but they still haven’t decided on the perfect moniker for her.

They recently considered Parker and Piper but ruled them both out because their little girl ‘doesn’t look like either of them’.

‘We have got a couple we’re still choosing from, but I’m so bad at making decisions and I know this is for life,’ says Chantelle.

‘I wanted a strong name but now I want a cute name!’

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Anna Duff