Carianne may have officially won The Bachelor, but Gavin's ex hates her

She’s the Page 3 girl accused of snogging a crew member and the most hated contestant on The Bachelor.

But although Carianne Barrow, 24, has 
bagged the ultimate prize 
of becoming 29-year-
old Gavin Henson‘s girlfriend, she’s now set to face one of the biggest fights of her life – with his ex Charlotte Church, 25, and her mum Maria.

Now can reveal that Maria, 46, in particular is 
raging about Carianne being 
near her grandchildren after 
we unearthed live footage of the model stripping on the internet.

Maria told a friend: ‘My God, 
of all the women he could 
have had, he lands that one.’

While Carianne has admitted to topless modelling, she omitted 
to mention her racy videos on, 
in which she does a strip for 
male fans.

‘Taking your clothes 
off in a video that’s available online is very different from tongue-in-cheek Page 3 modelling,’ says a source.

To add fuel to Charlotte and Maria‘s concerns, we 
can reveal that another contestant, Layla Manoochehri, 25, was Gavin‘s first choice as the winner of the show – but told the show’s bosses that she’d refuse Gavin‘s rose.

Fellow contestant April Banbury, 22, who came third behind Carianne 
and Layla, tells us: ‘Gavin‘s 
a plonker for picking Carianne.

‘But Layla got 
so angry with the situation that she walked off the show.

‘I thought he was looking for someone who was genuine and loyal, but he didn’t go for any 
of those things.

‘Carianne doesn’t 
even like kids.

‘She can’t stand them.

‘She says children hate 

Considering that Gavin 
has two children – Ruby, four, 
and Dexter, two – it doesn’t 
seem his smartest move.

Speaking about Carianne‘s 
alleged snog with a crew member during the series, April adds: 
‘Although she’s denied it, she kissed the show electrician’s 

‘I think Gavin‘s made the worst mistake of his life.’

Hmm, Carianne definitely doesn’t sound like wife material…

Read the full story about Charlotte Church, Carianne Barrow and Gavin Henson in Now magazine dated 7 November 2011 – out now!


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