You'll laugh and you'll cry at Charlotte Crosby's latest YouTube upload...

If you haven’t already subscribed to Charlotte Crosby’s YouTube channel, then what are you playing at?

Open a new tab and do it now, yeah.

The 25-year-old launched her own official channel two weeks ago to bring you a daily dose of her often ridiculously bonkers life when she’s not on the television, and so far it hasn’t disappointed.

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In her latest video update, Charlotte takes us on a tour of her crib, while recreating iconic scenes from The Lion King. Obviously.

Not just this, but she also kind of breaks down a little while looking over the bed she once shared with ex boyfriend Mitch Jenkins.

‘This is obviously where Mitch and I would sleep,’ she signed. ‘Lately I have been missing him a bit and we’ve been talking every single day. I would get back him in a heartbeat if I wasn’t on Geordie Shore.

‘But at the minute, Geordie Shore is just making it too difficult to have a boyfriend, so it’s right person at the wrong time.’

As emotional as that all is, we wonder what Charlotte’s current man Max Morley will make of it?

In this week’s Now the star gushes all about her new romance, revealing: ‘He’s so f***ing unbelievably gorgeous.’