Holidays are supposed to be all about relaxing, Charlotte!

There’s no doubting that Charlotte Crosby

looks incredible after dropping an amazing 2st 7lbs last year.

However, we were a tiny bit shocked when we

realised the lengths the 5ft8in star is prepared to go to make sure she doesn’t put on any

weight at all – even taking her scales away with her on holiday!

The 24-year-old Geordie Shore star says: ‘I’ve brought my scales to Australia so I don’t get a nasty surprise when I get

home. I’m 8st 9lb at the moment. I’ve been going to the gym and doing my DVD.

‘When I went shopping I got lots of fruit

and vegetables, plus eggs, carrots and natural yoghurt – all the things I

usually eat now.’

Despite her sticking to her healthy diet,

Charlotte – who recently revealed she had reunited with ex-boyfriend Mitch

– admits she does get insecure about the way she looks, especially

after comments about her appearance after a long flight.

She says: ‘I haven’t put on weight. I was a

bit puffy after a 24 hour flight, plus I was due on my period! It’s very bad

for people to say that I’ve changed when I haven’t.

‘I’m not the kind of person who would go

down the silly route of being too obsessed, but I can see why famous people get

insecure, because people judge you all the time.’

Charlotte has also admitted she was upset

with fellow Geordie lasses Marnie Simpson and Holly Hagan for stealing her

thunder when it came to weight-loss.

She adds to Star magazine: ‘I’d worked really hard for six

months to lose weight then Marnie and Holly did weight loss stories in the press

the same week. They’d been small for ages, so I was a bit hurt.’

We can understand Charlotte, but you all

look great, so no need to worry!

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Stephen Leng