Charlotte Crosby's autobiography Me Me Me is top of the Sunday Times Bestseller list for the second week running

If we’d written a book that claimed the number one spot on the Sunday Times Bestseller list two weeks in a row, we’d probably celebrate by cracking open some champers and having a little #humblebrag on Facebook. But not Charlotte Crosby.

The Geordie Shore lass’s way of celebrating the success of her autobiography Me Me Me, was the most Charlotte Crosby thing ever. Never one to shy away from, well, anything, she took to Instagram to share a hilarious paragraph from her book, in which her mum tries to give her the ‘tampon talk’ through the bathroom door.

In an extract from a chapter called Becoming A Woman: My First Pube (oh, come on, we’ve all been there) she describes the awkward conversation she had with her mum when her first period arrived.

‘We had to have the tampon talk. I was marched off to the bathroom and she stood behind the door awkwardly trying to instruct me how to put one in,’ she writes. What she’s describing is basically a nightmare all teenage girls have been through at some point – but bless our mums, they were only trying to help.

She goes on to describe yelling ‘Stop it, mam!’ through the door, before her mum offers to, er, come in and help. Ew. Her reaction was nothing less than we’d expect from our Charlotte: ‘No, what are you, some kind of lesbian?’

As well sharing her tampon lolz with the world, Charlotte also retweeted a message from Mario Falcone, who revealed she’d sent him a copy of her book to keep him occupied while he’s resting his broken wrist.

Surprisingly, Mario didn’t share his thoughts on the in-depth period drama in My First Pube, but we’re looking forward to his review…

And, of course, congrats to Charlotte on the success of her juicy memoir!

Watch Charlotte Crosby’s 60-second style guide below.

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