Have you ever wondered who draws those mouth-watering animated illustrations on The Great British Bake Off? His name is Tom Hovey and THIS is what he looks like...

The final of The Great British Bake Off is on tonight and if you weren’t already jumping with excitement – you will be now!

It isn’t just the cakes that always have us reaching for the treat cupboard; it’s the drawings of all the contestant’s show-stopping masterpieces. And you can finally see what the man behind those drool-worthy pictures looks like.

Tom Hovey is a Welsh illustrator and artist who now lives in Bristol. He has worked on The Great British Bake Off since it began in 2010.

His unique artwork has been one of the reasons that the Bake Off has remained so popular with its viewers – last year it was the most watched TV series in the UK! But we aren’t surprised – because who doesn’t love cake?

But although we see the famous animated drawings of the bakes before they are made – that isn’t actually what happens behind the scenes.


Turns out, Tom uses packs of photos of the finished bakes for reference. He then works these up by hand drawing them all in ink, then they’re scanned and coloured digitally, and then Tom adds the titles and ingredient arrows. It usually takes him a week to finish an episode’s worth of illustrations. Wow. We got tired just thinking about all that work – maybe we need a cake break…

When asked about what his favourite drawing to do of the series was, Tom said: ‘This series has been jam-packed full of incredible bakes! I loved Paul’s King of the Jungle 3D bread sculpture for its ambition.’

‘Nadiya’s ingenious Fizzy Pop Cheesecakes was fantastic because it was so different to any other cheesecakes I’d drawn before.’

So move aside Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – because we reckon Tom is the most talented member of the Bake Off team right now!

Alice Murray