Aaron Billington sentenced to 10 weeks


A man has been jailed for smashing the windscreen and side window of Jay Kay‘s £1million Ferrari Enzo.

Aaron Billington, 21, pleaded guilty to causing £9,434 of damage in ‘a moment of utter madness’ outside the Brudenell Hotel in Suffolk, where he worked as a chef, on 3 March.

He was given a 10-week sentence at Ipswich Crown Court and a consecutive 10-week sentence for 2 separate offences.

‘The criminal damage was a spiteful offence,’ said Judge David Goodin.

‘It may have been committed in drink, but the car was plainly someone’s pride and joy. You wouldn’t have a car like that otherwise.’

Jay Kay's vandalised Ferrari | Jay Kay's vandalised Ferrari in Suffolk | Now Magazine

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