A controversial decision over Chelsea FC doctor Eva Carneiro has sparked a huge debate

Chelsea FC fans have been left stunned by the news that the team’s doctor Eva Carneiro has been axed from the bench.

It comes after manager José Mourinho criticised her and his medical staff for running onto the pitch to treat player Eden Hazard during a match against Swansea on Sunday, calling them ‘impulsive and naive’.

If a player is treated on the pitch then he must leave the field, meaning that Chelsea were left with just nine men. This didn’t go down well with José – who felt ‘sure’ that Eden wasn’t seriously injured and was just ‘very tired’ – and Eva has since lost her place at matches and training sessions.

Instead she’ll work with first-team players at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground, according to a report by the Daily Telegraph.

It’s also reported that 41-year-old Eva is greatly respected by the Chelsea squad and that they were ‘genuinely shocked’ to hear of the dramatic changes to her role.

The news has left many of the club’s fans outraged too and several have taken to social media to speak out about it.

‘To clarify: Eva Carneiro lost her job because she did her job by reacting to a player she thought was genuinely injured. Shambles,’ one Twitter user vented.

Another wrote: ‘Eva Carneiro given a new role at Chelsea. As things stand she wont attend any games…wouldn’t be surprised if she leaves. Gutted. #CFC’

There’s also been a video clip circulating which appears to show José’s angry reaction to Eva going onto the pitch during the game.

Eva has since broken her silence in a rare post on social media, taking to her official Facebook page to speak out to fans.

‘I would like to thank the general public for their overwhelming support. Really very much appreciated,’ the medic wrote.

A club spokesman has said: ‘We don’t comment on internal staff matters.’

It’s not the first time that Eva – who has been with Chelsea FC since 2009 – has been in the headlines. Earlier this year she received cruel sexist chants from Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United fans during matches.

The incidents don’t seem to have deterred Eva when it comes to doing her job though. She’s previously said that she always hoped to work in football and revealed in a speech to a Swedish football conference last year that she wanted to be a good role model for young women.

‘There needs to be ass-kicking women who are not behaving like men, who do a really good job and save the day,’ she said.