Girls Aloud singer hates looking thin


Cheryl Cole has hit back at reports she’s too skinny.

The Girls Aloud star blames the band’s rigorous stage routines for her super-slim figure.

‘I don’t want to be thin. I hate looking thin,’ says Cheryl. ‘I don’t want to be up and down or like a lollipop lady. It’s not a good look.

‘I admit I do lose weight when we’re on tour, but it makes me mad when people seem to think I’m doing it for the sake of it.

‘I challenge anyone to do the ridiculous amount of dancing and exercise we do day in day out and not lose weight and tone up.’

, 25, is determined to remain a positive role model for her fans.

‘It destroys me that girls get so hung up about their bodies,’ she tells Grazia. ‘I hate that women feel guilty about eating. Just treat yourself.’

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