Simon Cowell reported to have persuaded American executives Cheryl Cole is the right star

Cheryl Cole’s US X Factor gig is back on – for now.

It looked as if the Girls Aloud star’s dream of sitting next to Simon Cowell on the American judging panel was off – with a role as mentor instead –  but Cheryl is reported to have signed a £10m contract with US executives.

It does have a get-out clause, though.

Simon is the boss of this show,’ says a source. ‘He gets what he wants and he wants Cheryl. The money you make on American TV is huge, but there’s also a huge risk.

‘The way American contracts are gives Fox the chance to opt out if viewers don’t take to her. But Simon won’t let that happen.’

Cheryl is also keen for success in the US music charts. She has huge support from good pal

‘As soon as it’s announced she’s going to be a judge the plan will be to launch her music career in the States,’ the source tells the News Of The World..

‘It’s important Americans realise she’s a credible music star if she’s going to be judging other singers.’

Simon Cowell‘s recent appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s US show fuelled rumours Cheryl, 27, had lost out to big American stars.

It’s a huge investment for the Fox network and it’s going to have a big say,’ says Now’s source. ‘Simon’s put his neck out for her, but there are a lot of A-list stars being considered, like Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

‘It’s going up against American Idol, which has J-Lo, so they won’t be risking it on a nobody.’

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