CHERYL'S BACK! And Mrs Fernandez-Versini (or the Geordie Princess, whatever you want to call her) has a fair bit to say about this years The X Factor!

Cheryl, we’ve spent far too many Saturday nights knee deep in Chinese takeaway without your company.  And how we’ve missed you soothing our ears with the comforting ring of a ‘I know exactly what you’re going through’…  (because, you know, some of the singing can be really bad) *sighs*

So thank goodness The X Factor is moments away from blasting itself back onto every TV screen in the UK, bringing Princess Chez and her special brand of ‘Aw Pet’ along with it!

And we can rest assured all our takeaways will be served with a side of X Factor induced mania from now on, as confirmed by the Angel of the North herself… certainly beats the prawn crackers.

Read what Chez has had to say:

You seem much more confident this year, what’s different about you?

There’s a new energy for sure. I’m quite a sensitive person, in case you haven’t noticed. I’m really drawn to whoever is around me. This time I just feel really free.

Have Rita and Nick changed the feel of the show?

They are fresh eyes and they have a fresh way of looking at things. Grimmy’s coming from the point of view of, ‘Will I play this record?’. Rita and me are performers so we know what they are feeling and then we have got our old veteran, the mogul himself, guiding us. We have a mixture of everything, it’s just fresh and it feels new.

There has been criticism of Nick becoming a judge, what do you make of that?

There’s always going to be something said about someone. I think Grimmy is going to be a massive revelation. He’s funny, he’s smart, he is actually crucial to what is happening in the music world right now.

There is bound to be a style war between you and Rita…

I mean, that for me has never been part of the show. For me it’s about the contestants and the people singing on the stage that night, it’s not about what dress I’m wearing. I’m just going to focus on my contestants.

Do you think the quality of the contestants you have seen this year is better than you have ever seen on the show?

I think out of the past few years this is the best standard and quality of talent that we have ever had. The groups this year are the best they have ever been. We have got three groups that I would take, right now from their first audition, straight through to the live shows.

How much do you want to win the show?

I want to win if I have got the right person. I don’t want to win with someone who can’t go further. I think ultimately we all want to have a great season and to have someone great win, whoever that person belongs to shouldn’t really matter.

Oh Cheryl, you do make the last mouthful of Chow Mein just that *little* bit more satisfactory.



VIDEO: See Cheryl’s changing face: